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Your Health Hub

Welcome to the one stop hub for all your health services.

About Us

Principal physiotherapist Elli Acic founded the clinic just 7 months after giving birth to her 3rd child. After working for 10 years, side by side, with two of Australia’s renowned physiotherapists she was finally fulfilling a long-term career goal. Elli opened the clinic on Rocky Point Road Ramsgate in 2015, in a small space just big enough to begin this next chapter. The clinic, named The Physiotherapy Studio, became very busy quite quickly, with previous clients and referring physicians coming back on board, keen for Elli’s expertise again. The clinic also gained a lot of new clients from the surrounding areas and beyond! Since then the team has expanded and the clinic has moved to a bigger premises in Carlton. This new dream team gave Elli the confidence to showcase what the clinic is really about, approaching people’s health as a whole. Hence the change of name to The Physio, Rehab and Health Clinic, the clinic has now become a ‘health hub’ with massage, nutrition and rehabilitation classes on offer.

What to expect at The Physio, Rehab and Health Clinic is the highest quality of care in the treatment and management of your presenting injury. Your initial 1-hour consultation will include a detailed assessment followed by a thorough explanation of your condition, expected time frames and patient driven goal setting. The assessment will then dictate an evidence-based treatment approach with functional and long-term results as our aim. Your treatment will include manual therapy, education, exercise prescription and advice.


Our Philosophy:

  • A thorough and compassionate approach to your recovery
    in a safe and relaxed setting

  • Alleviate pain, prevent reoccurrence and improve performance

  • Education, guidance and reassurance along your journey

  • Commitment to an evidence -based approach and team work
    to achieve optimum results.

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